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Irish prince & British bad boy

you’ve got that one thing

I’ve never been in a follow forever ):


you see her everyday
you pass her in the hall
you think she’s shy
but she really just wants to stay away

you don’t remember last years
you heard people talking about her
you only said one thing
but, she’s shed many tears

you wonder who made her this way
you’ve heard the things she’s been through
you see how broken she is
but she smile every day

then you get it, her tears turn to rain
you now understand it all
she’s been hiding everything inside
and finally, you see her pain


you are one in the same
you see her hidden pain
her smile is too perfect
you can see right through it
you are one in the same

you hear the things they say about her
you know it is not true
but they still continue on and on
and she, allows them too
you are one in the same

you remember a time
when you felt alone
nobody cared
nobody listened
you are one in the same

so you help her
your her guide
her shot in the dark
you help her see, how amazing she really is
you are one in the same


- Via Camryn McGee


it’s a heartfelt process


the king of my heart

"wait he’s hot"

" Without a few cracks in the pavement the city cannot breath "

- via lauren henri